Elektro Hafla w/ ڭليثرGlitterو ٥٥ DJ Ramzy ‎و Mooshak و Mawt (zrušené)


Elektro Hafla w/ ڭليثرGlitterو ٥٥ DJ Ramzy ‎و Mooshak و Mawt (zrušené)

Vystúpenie jeruzalemského rezidenta a francúzskej maročanky sa z dôvodu aktuálnej pandemickej situácie ruší.

10th of December we’ll have a long awaited and re-scheduled Elektro Hafla, party focused on oriental & middle eastern clubbing sounds. We’ll hear older & new musical jewels, charismatic desert techno and electronic dance influences influenced by moroccan sound, west bank & everything in between.
Come & join us at our hafla!
Menū / قائمة الطعام / תפריט:
o ڭليثرGlitter٥٥
o DJ Ramzy al Spinoza
o Mooshak
o Mawt

More info:
The Moroccan DJ known as ڭليثرGlitter٥٥, started shining when she arrived in Paris at the age of 24. Now, Manar is continuing her journey into some of the most demanding clubs and festivals such as Nuits Sonores, Transmusicales, La Machine du Moulin Rouge, Concrete, but also in Geneva, Beirut and obviously in her homeland, Morocco. She’s also started her own residency in Paris called FISSA, where she’s invited artists for the likes of Calypso Records’ Thomas Jackson, fellow artists ISSAM or Gan Gah. There, she can keep on refining her sound between the music of the western world and the futurism of techno.

Dj RAMZY al spinoza is our dear friend from Disneyland & well-known Tiger of Jerusalem, who’ll come and play his favourite fresh current music from the Arabic world. Thick hookah smoke will fill the air with deep exotic basslines full of minaretic adventures. Ramzy is the ultimate musical peacemaker.

Party will be supported by Mooshak, also known as the host of Hudba sveta_FM, devoted selector & one of the most important person on Slovak world music scene.
Entry to the events is only for the fully vaccinated.
The vaccination is checked by verifying the validity of the QR code.
Safety measures will be implemented.
Please, party responsibly & wash your hands.
Don’t forget your respirator.
Use the disinfectant at the door.
If you feel sick, stay at home.
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