Centrum metropolitných inovácii Bratislava

Regenerative transformation – innovative, radically sustainable and resilient, integrating architectural, technological, environmental and social aspects – of the former dormitory building into the Center for Metropolitan Innovation Bratislava (CMI.BA)

The official goal of the DBU project is to elaborate an Architectural study and project documentation for both Land use and Building permit for an energy-plus building that after reconstruction will house a creative community, innovators, future residents of the first CoHousing in Slovakia and other inclusive, artistic or social impact projects.

This project is an opportunity to create a replicable model of a sustainable and humane redevelopment of buildings in the urban environment. Nová Cvernovka  already is a mixed-use area with administrative, service and residential functions and a living ecosystem with the creative community of more than 400 people, which makes it an ideal space for prototyping innovative architectural and technological approaches of sustainable urban development.

In order to reach out for the best practices for the reconstruction of the building, while keeping the primary focus on the environmental sustainability and social ecology, the DBU team was assembled. Cvernovka foundation is the investor and the co-designer of the integral planning process along with the lead partner Fachhochschule Potsdam (FHP), and partners from Institute for Creative sustainability (id22), both based in Berlin, and Passive House Institute (IEPD). Unlike the linear (regular) planning process, the integral planning of CMI.BA incorporates various stakeholders and works with cyclic predetermined inputs, which makes it a bit more complex, but postulates results with greater added value.

To support environmental sustainability and energy efficiency, the leading partner will propose innovative solutions that will be discussed within the project team, followed by evaluation (calculation) done by IEPD in order to achieve an energy-plus-building status. Local organization ECOboaRD is also ready to help with the implementation.

Supporting the primary goal, the id22 team in cooperation with Cvernovka Foundation and representatives from the local community aim to develop a social ecology model.

In parallel with the development of a harmonized concept, Cvernovka Foundation, as an investor, is in charge of designing a sustainable financial model.

Location: Nová Cvernovka, Račianska 80, Bratislava, Slovakia

Basic parameters: 8500 m2 + 1000 m2 (gym/cantine),
5 floors + basement, possible superstructure

Investor: Cvernovka Foundation

Financial partner of planning /ich poziciu overim v zmluve/: Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU)

Building Social Ecology WEBSITE

Cities and buildings can be described through interacting, overlapping and mutually influencing patterns. Building social ecology shows a catalog of patterns from already realized “best practice” projects that illustrate processes and opportunities for action in European cities.


Project partners

University of Applied Sciences Potsdam
/ Fachhochschule Potsdam (FHP)
Leading partner responsible for Ecological Master Plan, Integrated Planning and management of research project


Cvernovka Foundation (NC)
Initiator, investor and leader of the dormitory transformation responsible for project coordination, education, dissemination, communication and fundraising.


id22: Institute for Creative Sustainability, Berlin
Partner responsible for CoHousing including the involvement and development of the community, as well as the research and development of synergies, especially dealing with social ecology.


Passive House Institute (IEPD)
Partner responsible for energy concept, energy optimization, technical support within the planning process.