Reaktor residencies: otvorený ateliér/open studio


Reaktor residencies: otvorený ateliér/open studio

Project presentation of artist Kitti Gosztola and curator Ráhel Anna Molnár.

I. project title : Well

Kitti Gosztola (born 1986) lives and works in Budapest. She graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts..
In her work She focuses on the politics of nature and sciences, on questions of the natural and the national. Years ago, She had exhibitions on trees truncated by power cables: ink drawings of individual trees with matchingly disfigured frames, made of matching wood.
Her last show, Flashforward, featured Giambattista Vico, deforestation, copying and mutating classical art, and some tree trunks.
She recently learned about the pilgrimages to Andy Warhol’s origins in the village of Mikova. Warhol was not born in Mikova. His parents’ home in Mikova has long been demolished, only a well and a pear tree survived. The tree got truncated by power cables some 20 years ago. The tree had to be cut some 10 years ago. Only a trunk remains. Not for long. And a well.

II.project title: Questions in a world of blue
– about (Bratislava’s) artist-run & self-organised culture

Ráhel Anna Molnár (born1992) is a writer and curator currently based in Budapest. Her critics, interviews and essays have been published in Hungarian cultural magazines both online and in print. Her main field of research is the DIY, self-organised and artist-run culture of contemporary Eastern-Europe. In the past two months, she’s been exploring the dynamics of Bratislava’s artist-run initiatives together with their cultural-political, institutional environment, specific structures and personal motifs. Based on current and past research on the topic in Budapest, Prague and Bratislava she’ll share her main questions regarding the contemporary potential of artist-run initiatives through the themes of friendship, love, desire and satisfaction.