OLAM x LOOSE LIPS: Techno & Electro party


OLAM x LOOSE LIPS: Techno & Electro party

Party v znamení tej najlepšej anglickej elektronickej hudby a techna.

Loose Lips oslavuje 5-te výročie! A aj Bratislava sa ocitla na mape ich európskeho turné.
Rok 2020 v Novej Cvernovke obštartujeme s prvým tohtoročným vydaním party, ktorú pripravuje zoskupenie OLAM. Čaká na vás poriadna dávka šialenej zábavy v podobe tej najlepšej anglickej elektroniky a techna. Predstavia sa hostia z Londýna, Manchestru a Belgicka!
17. januára OLAM pozýva Loose Lips-hodobnú platformu z UK. Tešiť sa môžete aj na veľkú elektro legendu SYNC 24 z Cultivated Electronics Labelu!


OLAM present LOOSE LIPS: 5th Anniversary

has a diverse set of meanings, including world, existence, lifetime and eternity. As a collective we focus on creative expressions trough music and art which links its different senses.

an ever experimental music platform and crew with roots across the UK and Europe, that operates in a number of creative fields. They throw raves, curate specialised events, run a label and blog, and host a variety of radio shows alongside a weekly mix series, that together push quality music from across the spectrum, as well as offering spotlight to many of the scenes’ hidden talents.

⛓SYNC 24⛓
“God knows why I carried on,” Phil Bolland says below about Cultivated Electronics, the label he’s been running for the past ten years. Back in the early days, Cultivated Electronics was losing money, as Bolland just couldn’t shift enough units. Fast-forward to today, and some of those same records are trading on Discogs for quadruple their original price. “It’s crazy,” he says. So what changed? The admirable thing about this story is that Bolland has been doing the exact same thing since day one: straight-up, no-nonsense electro. But as the winds of taste changed and more people discovered (or rediscovered) the sound, they stumbled across a label with years of history and a killer catalogue.

Bolland’s own music as Sync 24 makes up a sizable chunk of Cultivated Electronics’ output. He seems particularly fond of collaborations, so you’ll find much of his best work in projects with fellow electro diehards like The Exaltics, Morphology and Carl Finlow, AKA Silicon Scally. Alongside the label, Bolland has been running a party, Scand, for almost as long. On the text for this weekend’s Cultivated Electronics and Central Processing Unit showcase, Scand is described as “London’s longest serving electro night.” It goes on: “There has been no escaping the recent resurgence of electro and SCAND are excited to be showcasing the output of two labels that have been major contributors to its long overdue renaissance.” We’d usually avoid reading too much into promo copy, but in this case it’s undoubtedly accurate.


is co-founder, resident, and the driving force behind Loose Lips. Since its launch in October 2014, he has directed its growth into a well-respected and ever-ambitious diverse musical platform, curating all events, label releases, charity work, mix series, radio shows and directing the blog’s activities. His own DJing continues to blossom alongside the wider project, seeing him regularly DJ around the UK & Europe, gaining a reputation for eclecticism and intriguing mixing.

He also works as head of publishing at the established label, 2020Vision Recordings, and runs a mysterious new vinyl label called Reposition, alongside Third Ear’s El Prevost. He also carefully manages a diverse roster of musicians, ranging from unique singer-songwriters through to modular geeks.

He started playing on the radio, developing a unique take on experimental and electronic music. Animating several shows on different stations during the last years, he regularly offers listeners 2 hours of varied sounds. In April 2017, this passion extended to starting his own station, a brand new community project called Threads Radio which has quickly grown into a thriving, internationally recognised project. His own Loose Lips show is every Monday night, 8-10pm, and invites artists for guest mixes and interviews on a weekly basis – http://loose-lips.co.uk/radio-shows.

Recently, if this wasn’t all enough, he’s launched a new project called ‘London Promoters’ Society’, alongside Hayley Squires & Luke Handsfree, which aims to bring back more cohesion and collective spirit into London’s diverse musical melting pot.


As a producer, remixer and veteran DJ, host on Threads Radio, manager & editor for Loose Lips, as well as co-founder and manager of forward-thinking record label Faster Than Music, T-Scale has built a reputation as a quality selector, with gigs all over the UK and Europe, combined with an output of outstanding productions and remixes.

Always seeking new musical grounds and known for his hybrid approach to music, he has released and remixed, sometimes under different aliases such as Wade Watts and Sine Labs, on labels such as Reposition, Loose Lips, LOST EARS, Black Leather, post-label, Electric Bacon, mottomotto, Strict Tempo, GroundzeroTeknocamp and Faster Than Music.


‘One sec, we need to get some chips in him before his set’ Sisu maingal and Loose Lips affiliate Malissa told me, as she pulled my new, joyfully drunk Mancunian friend away from the bus stop. A couple of hours later I was the drunk one, bouncing up and down in Five Miles’ packed sideroom as Kortzer – now fully functional – dropped Boy Harsher’s Westerners and Charlie’s Spacer Woman, a brief 80s section of a set that slid around genres with reckless abandon, providing the crowd with a perfect alternative to the main room’s thundering techno. Aside from demonstrating a gorgeously varied record crate, this also showed off the wiley knowhow Kortzer has developed in his years on the scene.

A lesser – or more pretentious – DJ would have stuck to their own 4×4 guns, particularly if they had spent as many hours as Kortzer has gathering rough’n’ready techno in record stores such as Manchester’s Eastern Bloc, or perfecting its sound with a furrowed brow (having studied music production at the city’s ‘School of Electronic Music’). Not this bloke; ever since the DJ (real name Dave Clarke) was gifted a set of disused decks and a mixer by a friend of a friend, he has been a team player, warming up mates’ houses before before graduating to play his first residency aged 18, developing a style that slides away from his beloved techno into EBM, Jungle, Hardcore and more whenever the mood calls for it.

As the years and experiences roll on, his collaborative spirit has been particularly demonstrated in his roles outside the DJ booth. As a core member of Manchester’s premiere underground station Limbo Radio, he keeps it running day-to-day, booking sonic and visual artists, producing shows and carrying out the boring admin shit that someone has to do. As the head of the Loose Lips’ Manchester branch, his roles are as varied as the collective’s world is, co-running the label, organising and DJing at their northern events and hosting the Loose Lips radio show on Reform radio. Perhaps the best demonstration of his attitude is the regular Kortzer’s Sunday Jams feature he writers for Loose Lips’ blog, consistently sharing music with the same enthusiasm and warmth he brings across the board.”


is the Bratislava based Dj and one of the founders of OLAM.
Involved in techno music scene since early 2000’s he hosted many festivals and partys.

He started playing active in 2009. Grateful for being in right circumstances he visited many places and meet people that influenced his current music presentation. In 2016 he become a part of Serbian project Lobotomija and year after he found Derivate warehouse party which takes important role in Bratislava nightlife.


artwork by Igor Kach

Tickets on door: 10 Eur