Nočná. ⇶ P A R F A I T ꜰʀ ▸ Ҡɾiʂէiҽ Ҡąɾժiօ ▸ Nιɳα Fαɾɾιɳα ▸ L̷a̷u̷r̷a̷ ̷P̷l̷i̷s̷


Nočná. ⇶ P A R F A I T ꜰʀ ▸ Ҡɾiʂէiҽ Ҡąɾժiօ ▸ Nιɳα Fαɾɾιɳα ▸ L̷a̷u̷r̷a̷ ̷P̷l̷i̷s̷

Prepare for a Parfait Friday on 27th of May. The renowned resident of Possession, one of the top parties in France, will play at Nočná.

Prepare for the fast techno for fast times. This time with all female lineup, because the original date was supposed to be around International Women’s Day. We had to postpone the date, but the concept remained the same. This is a pro-choice edition. People from Ukraine can enter for free.
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18+ /// IDs can be checked upon entry.


10€ 1st wave
12€ 2nd wave presale
14€ 3rd wave presale

15€ door price (care: ultra limited number of tickets at the door – secure your tickets via presale)

This is a pro-choice edition. We stand with women regarding reproduction rights. We also support a transition with dignity. Jebać PiS, fuck Záborská and all similar ultra-conservatives.
Our dancefloors are safe dancefloors. Don’t bring sexism, harassment, hate or homophobia with you. Keep civilised, don’t be like Putin.

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