Studios & Shops


Skrytý bar

Coffee • Drinks • Homemade lemonade • Mate • Beer • Wine • Terrace.
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Dvanásť duší

Bistro • Vegan • Vegetarian • Gluten Free • Fermentation • Ramen • Thaikari • Pastel • Burrito • Tacos • Kimchi.
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Artattack shop & room

A space for domestic artists and brands and authors working in visual arts, music and literature. Limited graphics, books, vinyls, but also handmade accessories that you will often not find anywhere else.
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Slovak brand of designer children’s clothing.
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Giraffe Bakery

Pastry lab and honest cupcakes, macaroons, cookies and cakes.

Čierne diery a živávlna

Through the creation of graphics and books, Čierne diery are dedicated to monuments, the živávlna studio to the environment and animal protection.
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Lebo Mädveď

Design games that offer learning opportunities help people develop knowledge, skills and understanding in a non-traditional, playful way.
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Ateliér Ovál

Studio established as a combination of three friends from school, from jewelery at the VŠVU. We are Mia Čopíková, Nataša Štefunková and Dana Tomečková. We focus on designer jewelry and objects, as well as custom-made creations.

1. floor


Drama center offers interactive performances for families with children, educational experience workshops for companies and the public, projects for schools and seminars for teachers. He shares a space with the ŽiTo educational group.
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Kristína Uhráková’s graphic studio, which she founded after returning from London, where she studied graphic design. He currently designs books, the web and visual communication in the cultural sector. In addition, it uses printing technology known worldwide as letterpress.

Desant Film Hub

Multifunctional space focused on filmmaking and filmmakers. It serves as a coworking workplace for creators and organizes events, discussions and workshops on topics related to film and the creative process.


Founded in 2001, the animation studio is run by a team of independent creative artists.

The Július Koller Society

The Július Koller Society is a non-profit civic association that operates an exhibition space for contemporary art, an archive and a research platform based in Nová Cvernovka. The organizers of the program are Zlata Borůvková and Daniel Grúň. The aim and subject of the association is the promotion of works, artistic and cultural achievements of Július Koller, the strengthening of cooperation in the field of contemporary art and the enrichment of domestic and international cultural dialogue. JKS organizes domestic and international projects, develops activities in the field of contemporary art, art history, visual studies and cultural theory. We do research and produce publications focusing on marginalized or insufficiently reflected areas of fine arts.
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With the use of clay plasters, the chemical laboratory has become a timeless and ecological place to be. Stable quartet operating in Atom: Martin Mistrík (graphic design), Miro Gajdoš (music publisher), Adam Križka (graphic design) and Martin Gajdoš (children’s shoes).

Crafting plastics studio!

The studio, based in Berlin and Bratislava, brings bioplastics to the level of our daily lives.
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Monika Pascoe Mikysková

Artist, author of the Ohrozené druhy section and the Oči Dokorán podcast.

Viktor Szemzö

Open photo studio.


The studio of director Lukáš Kodoň is a combination of a editing room, a bar and a television studio. It was created by merging the former rock cabinet and the telephone exchange.


The current brand of cooperation between B. Brádňanský and V. Halad on architectural projects and competitions in scales from buildings to urban visions. n / a has the ambition to produce many layered answers, which, behind the pragmatic, iconic and aesthetic, also touch on other, architectural as a cultural phenomenon of its own, aspects.

2. poschodie


Michal Líner – product and advertising photographer, Peter Fröhlich – editor and documentary filmmaker, Radovan Dranga – art and theater photographer.
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Peter Liška

Graphic and exhibition design studio.


PLURAL deals with architecture, urban planning and exhibitions. The aim of the study is lasting, socially and culturally relevant work.
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Ľubica Segečová

Graphic designer dedicated to the design of books, objects and site-specific installations. She is the organizer of the Self festival.

Ateliér 5

Four photographers and one director: Andrej Balco, Boris Németh, Miro Nôta, Jozef Ondzík and Miriam Petráňová. We focus on documentary, portrait photography and film.

OZ Vagus

A civic association that has been working with the homeless for 10 years. Streetwork – field social work, low-threshold day center Domec and an integration program that provides housing and assistance in obtaining and maintaining employment in combination with social counseling – Housing Cverna.
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Vanda Raýmanová

A film director dedicated to screenwriting, illustration and animation.

Patrícia Koyšová

Painter, experimenter surrounded by high pressure equipment. He calls his studio a painting laboratory. Like a 100-liter pressure compressor, the viewer and his own imagination are important to her.
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Boris Belan Studio. He graduated from ŠUV in Kremnica, Department of Shaping Industrial Products and then Atelier Industrial design at VŠVU. He works as a freelance designer, especially in a mass production environment.

Stredná trieda

The former studio 220 consists of three graphic designers – Matúš Lelovský, Braňo Matis and Pavlína Morháčová.

Trnka Graus

Pavel Graus is a television playwright and producer and others; Trnka himself is a screenwriter, stand-upist and also others.
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Emil Drličiak

After projects for theaters, galleries, publishing houses, the ecosystem of the logomap, or the 200-year-old linden chart Korpus, you can experience architecture in unplanned contexts.

3. poschodie

Bartinki & Fashion revolution Slovakia

Slow fashion studio offering, in addition to unique fashion pieces, also sewing courses, workshops and lectures on the topic of upcycling.


Printing of books and magazines. Glued paperbacks, sewn brochures, posters, business cards, flyers, portfolios, catalogs, calendars, announcements …


Art studio, where the painter Hula works and also runs creative – art courses for adults with integrated animotherapy all year round. In his own work, he devotes himself to abstract painting in various styles.
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The pulsating dynamics of the New Cvernovka provides space for the micro-creative agency RICHIE. The agency focuses on projects from the environment of culture and the creative industry. In her heart works a young team of people who create with their hearts and like to work with galleries and artists. He specializes in their promotion, book design, photography, video and visual identity building.
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The architectural studio is occupied by public investors and projects in public space that have a wider social impact. Outputs take a wide range of forms from reality to abstraction – from the creation of a physical product through documentation, the organization of the competition to the methodological manual.
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We are dedicated to video production, which we can cover from creative design to complete implementation. We produce TV and online campaigns, internal / external corporate and employer branding videos, short documentaries and more.
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Laurinc Studio

Production studio focusing on video and photo production.
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Kubo Media

An original Slovak digital library full of children’s picture e-books for children from the age of two, with a focus on kindergartens and the youngest schoolchildren.
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The team puts a microphone, camera and other creative technologies in the hands of young people and creates a space where they can exchange experiences and create. It thus supports the interest of young people to contribute authentically to generations of discussions about public life.

4. poschodie


Slovak podcast platform focusing on the creation of recordings on ecology, culture, science, data and the preparation of audio films, audio documentaries and music production.
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Ateliér 307

The common space of Michaela Mokrá and Gabriela Paschová, who work mainly in the field of costume design and scenography but also in the field of education and handmade production.


The studio consists of film editors Michal Kondrla, Radoslav Dubravský and Richard Chomo. In their two editing workplaces, they are dedicated to the post-production of feature and documentary films, commercials and other audiovisual projects.


Martin Šichman’s studio deals with architecture, energy and ecology. It is developing an alternative hydroelectric power plant SPEARhydro, which can generate electricity even in the city center.

Šymon Kliman

Photographer and co-founder of the Cvernovka Foundation. In his work, he programmatically focuses on the development of an open society through specifically focused artistic creation, his motifs are portraits of people from diverse social and cultural backgrounds.

Ateliér Miestor

Since 2013, the site has been dedicated to construction and technological design of buildings, mainly housing and civic amenities projects.

Ateliér S6K

Founded in 2011 by Štefan Starinský, Zuzana Šestinová and Jana Kačurová.

LujMarí & Materia-Lab

It is an art-design studio of Mariana Lujza Palugová and Josef Černý. The studio creates paintings from historical copies, contemporary neo-cubism to transport and industrial design.
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5. floor

Coworking Cvernovka

Open space with rental of tables and office + meeting rooms, cafe, children’s club.


Ateliér E1437

The workshop is shared by Zuzana Šestinová, who works with leather, Petra Blahová, who works with cast porcelain, and Nikola Čemanová, who works, among other things, with clay and leads ceramics courses.

KK Bagala

Koloman Kertész Bagala founded the publishing house in 1991 and specializes in publishing contemporary Slovak literature, author search (literary competition POVIEDKA) and the project
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EITD Studio

Space for recording, production and post-production of music and other sound recordings. The crushing part is used for the needs of the band Elections In The Deaftown. An important visual-acoustic element here is the ceiling and the wall made of recycled boards, which were used from waste building material created during the cleaning of the old school premises.


Music rehearsal room, smoke screen, desert psychedelic broth.

Sklad 2

Rehearsal room of 3 musical bodies. Swing society orchestra, Fats Jazz Band and Tomáš and Lukáš Vravníkovci, Michal Blaho, Peter Kučera.


Music studio Matia B-complex, which is dedicated to music production, DJing, live streaming and visual arts.
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Das Schwarze Schwimmbad

The studio has a fresh wave of people immersed in graphics, typography and illustration. We work with techniques such as letterpress, screen printing and traditional graphic techniques.
Majka Sládečková (SATUREJKA), Martin Štefanovič (NOISTYPO), Michal Šumichrast and Martin Malina.
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Freedu – vzdelávacie centrum

Freedu is an educational center where we help children with learning at school and prepare them for various admissions. We also organize English courses for adults.

Helen Tóth

Helena Tóthová’s painting studio, in which she explores the feeling of becoming a forest.
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Marek Šulík

Film editor, publisher and coordinator of the Rodinné Archívy project – online databases of family and amateur films.


Anna, Marianna, Veronika and Danica deal with the creation of small architecture, spatial installations, urban interiors and educational events for students.
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Product design studio of Dušan Kutlík and Ráchel Dudová, which emphasizes ecological design and sustainability.

Ateliér Imrich Kovács

Fine Art Tattoo.

Lukáš Moravský fotograf

He has been involved in photography since 2010 and hundreds of products of various shapes and sizes have passed through the viewfinder. For the best possible result, he uses honest work with light and the techniques of traditional photographic craft.

Jurs Ateliér

Dominik Jursa and co-creators from the film industry appear at the workplace. The main content of the work of the given space is a film editing room, but also analog photographers, who can have their pictures developed here in a small lab.

Ján Hrčka

In room no. 222 on the second floor, in addition to loud rakenrol music and night butterflies, the painter Ján Hrčka is also hiding. Graduate of VŠVU, IV. Ivan Csudai’s studio, he has been creating here since 2017.

Ateliér Amulet

Your amulet of creativity – art courses for the public, calligraphy, graphics, preparation for talent. Individual creative meetings, artefiletics led by Pavla Šoltisová.

Ateliér Osobný priestor

Linocut courses, drawing mandalas for the public and quality printing of created works.

Na Skejt Maľované

Daniel Pankuch má rád grafiku “v pohybe”. Preto maľuje na skate&long boardové dosky alebo aj iné veci každodenného použitia.


Association of lawyers who provide legal assistance to foreigners and refugees in Slovakia. We strive for good policies and laws, enlightenment towards society and the education and training of young lawyers.
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Divadlo Veteš

An independent theater group dedicated to surreal puppet and alternative theater productions for adults and children.

Ateliér Nat

The graphic studio of Natália Ižáková, when she is not desperate, prints graphics, draws, paints and illustrates here.

Somehow special studio

The studio consists of three design students VŠVU, Alek, Kenneth and Jurko who do not only move in the field of design.