Premises for rent

Premises for booking and short-term rent

The Nova Cvernovka complex is suitable for all types of events. In addition to a fully equipped hall and a covered stage in the park, it also offers a cozy library, a daylight studio for photography and filming, or a variable exhibition space and meeting room.

Kultúrny priestor – Sála

The main part of the cultural space with the necessary facilities for all types of events with a larger capacity such as concerts, screenings, discussions, lectures or conferences.

Park pod Palmou

The indoor stage and rubble hosts concerts, screenings, discussions, presentations, festivals and other productions. It also serves as a terrace for the cultural space, a bistro and a bar.

Kabinet Pomalosti

Space with authentic interior of a cozy library, retro furniture and plants. In addition to the readers’ club, it is a place for lectures, discussions, screenings or other events with a smaller capacity.

Ateliér Svetlík

Flexible and ventilated space suitable for photography, filming or online conferences. Thanks to its size and daylight, it adapts to both commercial and non-commercial production or events.


Variable illuminated space with the possibility of dimming, suitable for exhibitions, workshops, lectures, online conferences or rehearsals for theater and dance performances.

Malá Zasadačka

Cozy space accessible from the private part of the building and close to the public kitchen and terrace. It is suitable for small meetings, online conferences or corporate meetings.