Nová Cvernovka

The cultural and creative centre, operated by the Nadácia Cvernovka foundation, is located in the area of the former chemical industry at Račianská 78 in Bratislava.

In addition to multifunctional spaces, an outdoor terrace, a stage, a community garden, public park, children’s playground and a public library, there are 132 art and creative studios. This area provides a wide range of cultural and educational programs in the fields of music, fine arts, literature, film, theater and multi-genre activities.

There is also a houses bar (Skrytý bar), bistro (Dvanásť Duší) and the café (Giraffe Bakery) with seating indoors or on the terrace in the park. The ground floor houses retail, where there are original graphics, toys, designer jewelry, and slow fashion clothing – Artattack shop & room, People on Earth – FRL, Čierne diary, Živávlna, Mile, Lebo Mädveď, Atelier Oval.

Who we are

Our goal is to create a background not only for studios / creators / artists / community, but also for a wide range of cultural and educational programs available to the public.

We are a living community whose values are freedom, responsibility, openness, cooperation, creativity, diversity, civic awareness, experimentalism and self-realization.

In the long run, we are creating a space for dialogue between culture, art, ecology, science and citizenship.

We fight against xenophobia, discrimination, racism and prejudice.

We are committed to sustainability and ecology, we bring innovative solutions.

We are free and open to others, even to the environment in which we operate.