Unschooling (FR) + MMNK (CZ)


Unschooling (FR) + MMNK (CZ)

The French post-punk band Unschooling and the crazy musicians from the neighboring Czech Republic, known as MMNK, are coming to Bratislava.



Unschooling was formed in Rouen, France around Vincent Février, known for his work in the bands MNNQNS and Delancey. In 2019, the band released Defensive Designs, which caused a stir on the French indie scene. A year later, the single Twelve / Don’t Sneeze followed, which was noticed by the legendary French label Howlin’ Banana. The result of the collaboration was the EP Random Acts of Total Control, which positioned the band among the most interesting that the current post-punk scene has to offer.



MMNK is a group of Czech musicians formed in 2019. All members had known each other for a long time and often performed together in other bands. The first concert took place on the birthday of the legendary Helmut Stříkačka in Mohelno. The band puts itself in the category of white trash. Czech lyrics, raw rhythms, sharp riffs and untamed energy ala Dismemberment Plan.