52 Hertz Whale + Lazer Viking + Support


52 Hertz Whale + Lazer Viking + Support

Five years after their debut, with a new album and a fresh set, a five-piece act 52 Hertz Whale returns with a new album and fresh live set to Nova Cvernovka. The night starts with Lazer Viking.


20:00 – doors
20:30 – 21:15 – Krstní Otcovia
21:45 – 22:45 – 52 Hertz Whale
23:15 – 00:00 – Lazer Viking
00:00 – 03:00 – DJ Berry, DJ CABO, DJ Sirupex

new album and setlist

Five years after their debut, 52 Hertz Whale come with their long-awaited album Present Sense Impression, co-produced by Full Moon Forum and Weltschmerzen.

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Who are 52 Hertz Whale

Melodramatic and nostalgic atmospherics, more abstract lyricism, reverbed guitar layers, existential, to the very core, insistent vocal delivery and surprisingly catchy chord progressions to boot. This is a succinct definition of the sound of the long-awaited second album by 52 Hertz Whale, whose intense live show has already managed to curse everyone who ventures into the more alternative Slovakian waters at least once in a while.

international impact

52 Hertz Whale are also one of the most promising domestic line-ups in terms of export abroad – evidenced by the fact that they kicked off their club autumn with four gigs in Poland and Lithuania. Within their sound, they’ve long interpreted British guitar trends in their own way, but they’re particularly among the few bands who have grasped the essential importance of an engaging live show. Their gigs have an almost ritualistic quality, which makes it never tiring to see them again and again.

lazer viking

Along with 52 Hertz Whale, Prague-based musician and producer Lazer Viking will also perform at the stage. Among the many projects he has worked on, he has also produced music for 52 Hertz Whale. While he has been deeply involved in guitar work in his earlier sound, his recent recordings have seen a significant departure into the waters of electronic music in the form of synth-pop.

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