Love under the hood


Love under the hood

Determined man in his fifties Jaroslav has two passions in life. Fast cars and school love Jitka, who returned his hope and desire to move on after a messy marriage. Jitka, the oldest autocross player in the Czech Republic, would hardly find a better mechanic and coach than Jaroslav.


Due to the deteriorating epidemiological situation, admission to events (interior and exterior) is only for the vaccinated. The vaccination is checked by verifying the validity of the QR code via the Green pass application.

If visitors cannot be vaccinated for health reasons, a doctor’s certificate + a negative test certificate (AG – 48 hours, PCR – 72 hours) will also be checked at entry, as well as in the form of a QR code via the GreenPass application.

The same rules apply to the Hidden Bar, the Twelve Souls Bistro or selected operations of the shopping zone.
Entrance to the interior is allowed only with a veil / respirator.
Contactless disinfectants are available on the premises.

Thank you for remaining responsible!