Kal Marks (US) + Plattenbau (DE) + Cosey Mueller (DE) + Alpha Strategy (CZ/CA) + Krstní Otcovia

Rock explosion in Nová Cvernovka.

In early 2020, the long-standing three-piece lineup of Kal Marks dissolved. This left Carl Shane, the band’s vocalist, guitarist, and de facto leader wondering if the Boston noise-rock institution he’d started nearly a decade prior would even continue. With new members Dylan Teggart and Christina Puerto, and later John Russell, the band was reborn. Their fifth album, “My Name Is Hell,” introduces a new sound. Shane’s vocals are more vulnerable and deal with topics like loss, religion, debt and human mistakes. Music combines guitars, bass and the influences of Krautrock and Funk. The album reflects a catharsis and a determination to move forward after ten years of exploring the complexities of the world.
Guitar-trashing, synth-smashing noise-pop and post-punk. Plattenbau formed in 2011 in the dark basement of the former Stasi HQ in East Berlin. Originally strictly a recording project, they jammed over slow grinding death rock for hours and listened back to the tapes into cold dark nights, talking alternate realities, corporate ghost stories, and the death of ideology.


Berlin-based artist Cosey Mueller co-founded the post-punk projects Das Das and Glaas. In 2021, she made her solo debut with the album Interior Escapes; two years later, she released her second and most recent album Irrational Habits. Her music draws handfuls from 80s coldwave and minimal synth, with grimey synth parts, brutally simple rhythms and unsettling vocals.

Originally a Canadian band centered around the great boss Rory Hinchey, after a personnel change, they settled firmly in Prague. The boys skillfully skate on the edges of noise rock and post punk, shrouded in a slightly muddy abrasion and driven by the unmistakable preaching performance of their bandmaster.

Krstní Otcovia are newcomers to the Slovak alternative scene. Their debut EP “References” was released in November 2022. The band oscillates between a post-punk and indie rock wrapped in motorized, Kraut rock beats, often surprising the audience with noisy and deconstructive prog-rock parts, as well as using bands inspired by electronic and ambiguous music. ‘ Experimental anarcho post noise art mega Kraut punk or simply art-punk ’ – this is how Krstní Otcovia characterise their music.
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– Doors: 15 e

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