International Coming Out Day - Queer Venček


International Coming Out Day - Queer Venček

An evening where everyone can be themselves. For couples and single people. All sexualities welcome. Come on Saturday, October 15 at 20:00 to celebrate the international coming out day.

the mission of the queer “venček”

**(Venček is a Slovak high school tradition, during which young people learn multiple classical dances, and ends with a ball where they perform for the parents and teachers of the class)**

The idea of ​​Queer Venček was created last year as a response to escalating attacks by ultra-conservative members of parliament, who switched from “traditional” verbal attacks on the LGBT+ community to legislative attacks. Efforts to weaken the already insufficient civil and human rights of the members of this community convinced us of the need for an event that would celebrate coming out, coming out in the sense of self-acceptance, acceptance of others into the community in which they are welcome, in which they are at home.

what is queer “venček”

The whole event is based on the idea of Venček. The traditional Venček is usually the first moment when, as young people, we dance in pairs in public, in front of our friends and family. It is something that almost everyone who has finished high school has gone through. It is also a social ritual by which we inadvertently show that we are passing from the world of children to the world of adults.

All nicely dressed, girls in dresses, boys in suits, we show that we fit into the world around us. That we are not different, that we are “normal”. We dance in pairs, a girl and a boy, which correspond to the traditional perception of “what belongs”.

But the reality is often different. That’s why we decided to take the concept of Venček and make it more inclusive and open to all. Venček and coming out are important milestones in a person’s life, one is a formal transition to adulthood and the other is an act of self-acceptance and self-affirmation of one’s own identity for oneself as well as for one’s surroundings.

That’s why we will celebrate International Coming Out Day with a Queer Venček. Combine these two acts into one and create a safe, pleasant and free space for all couples, for all single people, belonging to all sexual orientations. An evening full of joy and celebration of our own nature.


20:00 – Door open
20:30 – Event opening /Speech by Plaváková, Performance of “I am what I am” by Peter Tilajčík, Valčíky\
21:00 – Transmisia
22:30 – Trevor Horny
00:00 – LeDuq: A RebelBunnie (ES)
01:30 – DJ Happydural
03:00 – End

Dress Code: Business Professional (yassified)
/jewelry, earings, rings, necklaces, glitter, make-up, high heels etc. go over the top hunty\