CTZN dialogues: Sleeping places


CTZN dialogues: Sleeping places

The pilot event “CTZN Dialogues” touches on the topic of the first edition of the platform, which is called “Sleeping Places”. This is a comprehensive view of the dilapidated areas and buildings in Bratislava, the so-called brownfields.

Foreign expert Anke Wijna and local expert Annamarie Velič, an environmentalist and sustainability consultant, will discuss the regeneration of environmental burdens in the city with an emphasis on water and soil.

Admission is free.
The event will take place in the hall of Nova Cvernovka.
👉 At the same time, we invite you to a press conference and the baptism of the CTZN platform at 5 pm, which will take place in the hall of Nová Cvernovka before the discussion. The press conference includes a presentation of the platform, the topics of the first two issues, a presentation of the brownfields manifesto and the results of measuring the impact of the Good Market. We are looking forward to you!

👉 Anke Wijna, studied industrial design and is currently actively involved in designing natural gardens. As part of his work, he uses and intensively studies the technique of FYTOREMEDIACIE soil. She is a member of Amsterdam Noord De Ceuvel, which is known as a sustainable lifestyle incubator. He takes care of and works to increase the community park and, together with other experts and volunteers, works to clean and restore the soil in this area, which is affected by industrial pollution.
👉 Annamarie Velič, environmentalist and consultant for sustainability living in Bratislava. In Slovakia, she applies her experience as a corporate manager for the sustainability of IKEA Industry. He works as a specialist for sustainable solutions for companies, non-profit and government organizations. Its aim is to inform the widest possible public about the state of the environment in our country, to point out the problems, but mainly to look for real solutions.
It continues to work with IKEA Industry to address emissions and water infiltration projects to prevent the effects of climate change. He also leads the project of corporate social responsibility of the company Curaden Slovakia, which is very positively perceived by the public

👉 Since 2007, the civic association Punkt has been involved in the promotion and support of design, architecture and urbanism in interdisciplinary dialogue. Our focus is on comprehensive support for the development of the city, starting with community development, the development of the local economy to the involvement of residents in planning processes.
The association organizes the event Dobrý trh and has also compiled a new platform on urban issues, CTZN (citizen): https://ctzn.sk
This was preceded by the WhatCity? Conference, which brings together experts and the public with the city management to develop it. The intention of the platform is to communicate topics related not only to Bratislava and not only to experts and fans of city life, but also to its inhabitants. Through thematic issues, the editorial board will address various aspects that affect the city and its inhabitants, the platform will inspire functional examples from abroad and will provide a space for dialogue to improve the quality of life in this environment.

👉 However, you do not read interviews with interesting respondents only on the CTZN platform – like WhatCity? it took place in space and time, it depended on personal meetings, so CTZN also follows this format. As part of the platform’s releases, we will regularly address interesting guests whose statements directly affect the set topics.

Entry to the events is only for the fully vaccinated. The vaccination is checked by verifying the validity of the QR code.

Entrance to the interior is allowed only with a mask / respirator.

Contactless disinfectants are available on the premises.