A Bright Room Called Day – Premiere


A Bright Room Called Day – Premiere

Join us for an extraordinary night of theater as Spare Parts Theater proudly presents the Slovak premiere of "A Bright Room Called Day" by the renowned playwright Tony Kushner!

This is a momentous occasion, as it marks the first time this gripping and thought-provoking play has graced the stages of Slovakia.

Set against a backdrop of history, politics, and personal struggles, “A Bright Room Called Day” offers a journey into the hearts and minds of its characters, each navigating their own hopes and fears in a world undergoing profound change.

Show starts: 7 p.m.
Gates open: 6:30 p.m.
Running time: 2.5 hrs
No. of intermissions: 1
Performance language: English, Slovak (with subtitles)

Director: Bohdan Metenkanych
Producers: Tomáš Eštok, Nasi
Lights: Séan McDermott
Set, props: Seán McDermott, Petra Pančíková
Costumes: Seán McDermott, Petra Pančíková
Animations: Filip Kasanický
Agnes Eggling Karolína Laura Začková
Gregor Bazwald (Baz) Viliam Sloboda
Paulinka Erdnuss Nasi
Albert Gotchling Tomáš Eštok
Vealtninc Husz Marek Bunda
Rosa Malek Ana Jancík
Emil Traum Andrej Jancík
Die Alte Andrijana Andrijaško
Herr Gottfried Swetts Ivan Lacko
Zillah Katz Martina Vincová