ÄTNA(DE) + Vanessa Weisz


ÄTNA(DE) + Vanessa Weisz

In the summer, the German futuristic-pop duo Ätna will visit Bratislava. The Slovak scene will be represented by musician Vanessa Weisz.


Their debut album, “Made By Desire”, was named the beginning of a new chapter in German pop history. Their tracks like “Ruining my Brain” and “Come to Me” exemplify a seamless fusion of art pop and indietronica, with electronic rhythms and captivating vocals evoking a sense of longing. The duo’s aesthetic, extending into fashion and design, further enriches their electronic performances, making each show a visually and sonically cohesive experience.


Vanessa Weisz is a multi-genre singer, songwriter, artist, actress from Slovakia, musically fusing together dreamy pop melodies with a dash of electronics, blues and soft-rock. In 2021, she put out her first collection of songs, which earned her both, nominations in the Radio_Head Awards in categories “Album of the Year”, “Debut of the Year” and “Song of the Year” from Slovak national radio and international recognition.


Tickets here

-pre-sale: 12€
-doors: 15€

Tickets purchased for the canceled concert in 2022 will be valid.

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