Roberta Legros Štěpánková: LOPEROHUNT


Roberta Legros Štěpánková: LOPEROHUNT

We invite you to a dance performance by a Brno-based performer, choreographer, teacher and body-oriented psychotherapist. Roberta Legros Štépánková will present an intimate dance and music duet in which dance and music are created, shaped into a story or parallel stories in the presence of the action.

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7€ presale
8€ at the door
5€ student + disabled (pre-sale + on-site)
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L O P E R O H U N T is a mutual listening between the artists – between the performer and the musician, equally involving the perception of the lighting designer’s decisions, or his listening to the evolution of the situation – all part of listening to the emerging work that unfolds through us into the space of the present. The absolute surrender to the present and the body’s pulsating readiness to be guided by the thread of poetry and narrative are what weave a story written anew each time. In the mobility of the body, in the sound of silence and music, in the space of light, meanings are revealed.


Roberta Legros Štěpánková/dance, text, sound
Matthieu Legros/music
Filip Horn/light design
Klára Židková/costume design

Roberta Legros Štěpánková
Performer and choreographer, educator and body-oriented psychotherapist. Since 2017 she is based in Brno, originally from Nitra. She spent nine years of her life abroad. She studied dance under Melanie Venino (DE) and David Finelli (IT) in Valencia, Spain, and later moved on to combine bodywork with psychotherapy and studied Dance-Movement Therapy at CODARTS University for the Arts in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Roberta has been working with the body in the context of expression/theatre and healing since 2009. She is now actively creating performances with an emphasis on incorporating and connecting the mediums of dance – music – visual art and light – word. She teaches dance, improvisation technique and how body technique enters into the art of instant composition. She teaches at the Physical Theatre Studio at the Janáček Academy of Musical Arts in Brno, and her private classes and workshops are regularly held in Brno and Slovakia. Her therapeutic work involves the perception of the body as an essential way of understanding what is happening to us and where we can find a point of support.

Photo: Marek Štěpánek

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The VÚB banka Foundation is a partner of the live culture in Nová Cvernovka.
The event is supported from public funds by the Art Support Fund.
We would like to thank the Bratislava Self-Governing Region for their trust in the creation of the New Cvernovka.
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