Rainbowshower: Chris Conde (US) + Myles Bullen (US) + PLIÉ (LT) + Twin Tooth (AT) + TRANSmisia + DJ Gäp


Rainbowshower: Chris Conde (US) + Myles Bullen (US) + PLIÉ (LT) + Twin Tooth (AT) + TRANSmisia + DJ Gäp

We are introducing a new Rainbowshower format that will be a celebration of the beauty of difference.


Queer hip-hop artist based in Brooklyn. He has his own unique style and it is not unusual for him to appear in a leather harness. “Conde is the rawest, most brutal and the most incredible talent that American rap has produced in the last ten years.” He likes to write about his sexuality and also draws attention to topics of the queer community. In 2015, he released his debut EP “Twisted Kite Strings”, which documents his journey out of alcohol and drug addiction. Chris’s album “Engulfed In The Marvelous Decay” ranked 12th on Bandcamp and was named one of the best albums of 2021. He is currently collaborating on new music with names like Blockhead, Lazerbeak or Morgan Lander.





Migratory songbird, rap seamstress, art poet – this is also how Portland rapper Myles Bullen would describe himself. His work was influenced, for example, by indie rock bands, underrated rappers, or soft-folk melodies.





“Charlatans” of experimental music in Lithuania. Plié is a band of six musicians from entirely different backgrounds, ranging from black metal to contemporary and avant-garde music. They managed to stir the local alternative scene up with their bold debut album Never Took Place  in 2021.



Twin Tooth (AT)

Twin Tooth are vocalist and lyricist Anna Kohlweis and multi-instrumentalist Jan Preissler. Founded during the earlypandemic months in Vienna and Berlin, the band existed exclusively via online file transfer for the entire production of their debut album, „Cusp“, a record dressed in a veneer of epic pop music that unfolds itself slowly down to the avantgarde structures at its core.





DJ TRANSmisia is a new name on the Bratislava music scene, known for her eclectic sets in which she combines hyperpop, cringecore and hardcore into a unique and energetic sound. With a deep love for underground music, queer sounds, soundcloud remixes and a passion for pushing genre boundaries, she quickly established herself as a DJ to watch.
Inspired by boundary-pushing artists such as SOPHIE, Arca and Laura Les, TRANSmisia brings a fresh and experimental approach to their sets, mixing unexpected sounds and styles to create a truly unique experience for their audience.


DJ Gäp

DJ Gäp is a DJ, producer, co-owner of the label, insta-magazine and club night Mäss. He is also organizer of the Välvät party, which he organizes together with Monika Prikkelová and Kewu. His songs were released on labels such as Ashida Park (AT), Jerome (USA), Sirens (DE), and Mäss (SK). He also got the attention of the British NTS radio and Los Angeles Dublab, where he made a mix for Chico Sonido. His work is a celebration of diversity and breaking down the boundaries between radio pop and experimental music.