In Between Books: Haďaci & Jay Delver


In Between Books: Haďaci & Jay Delver

We have organized a double concert for you. You can look forward to bands Haďak from Slovakia and Jay Delver from the Czech Republic.


A young band from Bratislava are six weird dudes (Miško Bruny -guitar, Šimon Bruny -drums, Meldo Melicher -bass, Serchi Sanchez -RAP, Kiko Krupica -guitar). They play pretty cool music, genre-defined as -sometimes experimental avgpnkRAP- and are very well-known just by existing. An unknown critic once noted ,,If I come home from work and turn “this” on I’ll kill myself straight away”.


Winners of the Jazzfruit 2020 competition, Brno’s Jay Delver fuses pop melodies with funk rhythms, jazz harmonies and rock punch.

In the Czech Republic, they have played e.g. at Groove Brno, United Islands of Prague, Hradecky Slunovrat, Freedom Fest or Beseda u Bigbítu. Abroad, they have performed at the Paris-Prague Jazz Club in Paris, the Nisville Jazz Festival in Serbia, and in Slovakia at the Bratislava V-klub.

Their song Piece of Love stayed at the top of the Radio Wave Starter chart for the maximum number of weeks.

Some of the songs have been remade into big band versions for the B-side Band, which this year features Jakub Urbánek as guest vocalist and keyboardist, along with part of the band.

The band is currently finishing work on a second studio album with a producer Amak Golden in the Golden Hive studio. The band plans to release the album this fall. The release party will take place on November 30th at Metro Music Bar. Songs from the new album will also be played at our session In Between Books on 25.9. at 19:00.