HENGE (UK) + Etceteral (SI)


HENGE (UK) + Etceteral (SI)

Music from distant planets in Nova Cvernovka.



Attention Humans! This is HENGE. We are not from this world. We bring you music from distant planets. We offer this gift for the edification of humankind… so that eventually your species may put an end to war and set up new homes in space. Extra-terrestrial joymongers – HENGE – have been delighting audiences in the UK and Europe since they landed on Planet Earth seven years ago. Their scintillating live performances earned them ‘Best Live Act’ at the Independent Festival Awards and they have since cemented their reputation with two acclaimed albums, numerous tours and regular main-stage festival appearances. Their music escapes definition, but occupies a space between rave and prog rock that nobody knew existed. It is energetic, subversive and invigoratingly playful, jovially going ‘where no one has gone before’. Ultimately, HENGE are spreading a message of hope which leaves audiences feeling amused and uplifted in equal measures.






The audio-visual trio from Ljubljana is one of the most active bands of the local underground. The group consists of saxophonist Boštjan Simon, drummer Marek Fakuč and visual artist Lina Rica. At certain moments it seems that you are listening to Ted Milton and Blurt in a version cleaned of punk extremism. Their music is a vehicle of repetitive polyrhythmic electro-acoustic music influenced by kraut-rock and afro-futurism. Their goal is to create an energetic rhythm using a symbiosis between one synthesizer, two acoustic instruments and generative visuals.