Absynt: Daniel Tammet - Born on blue Wednesday


Absynt: Daniel Tammet - Born on blue Wednesday

We are pleased to invite you to meet Daniel Tammet, author of Born on a Blue Day!

The event will be autism-friendly (neurodiversity-friendly) and will be simultaneously interpreted from English into Slovak. The aim is to allow people with exceptional perception of their surroundings to attend the event and to provide a safe and welcoming environment throughout the evening.

Daniel Tammet is a British writer and autistic savant with an exceptional aptitude for maths and languages. He was born the first of nine children. In his autobiographical novel, Born on a Blue Day, he tells the story of how epilepsy, synaesthesia and Asperger’s Syndrome profoundly affected his childhood. Daniel Tammet’s motivating story is also about how he was able to grapple with life without losing his own face.

Daniel Tammet was featured in the documentary Brainman. He is also the author of other books such as Embracing the Wide Sky, Thinking in Numbers, Every Word Is a Bird We Teach to Sing, the poetry collection Portraits, and the novel Mishenka, which he wrote in French.

More about Daniel can be found here: http://www.danieltammet.net