Uhol_92: Apokabaret


Uhol_92: Apokabaret

Apokabaret is a pre-apocalyptic cabaret, i.e. theatre, live music, singing, dancing and something more. With a genre-diverse approach, it recalls the ecological threats of the near future and comments on the ills of civilisation we indulge in together with a cathartic humour.

The audience favorite production arrives like a comet – intermittently, but brilliantly. September’s repeat performance is the last of the year.

What will happen after the end of the world? Will we be able to populate a new planet in time? These and other existential questions are asked by the last of their kind: Hedgehog, Frog, Bunny, Earthworm and Drone in a forgotten Eastern European bar. The band plays synthpop and they are waiting for a miracle. Will it come? Spoiler alert: a Higher Entity shows up.

Written, directed by Alžbeta Vrzgula
Art: Alžbeta Kutliaková
Music: Martin Iso Krajčír, Daniel Fischer et al.
Actors: Daniel Fischer, Katarína Gurová, Martin Iso Krajčír, Lena Libjaková, Igor Schlosser, Peter Tilajčík
Zuzana Sehnalová
Production: Katarína Andrejcová

The main partner, the Fund for the Support of Arts, supported from public funds.
8€ full price | 5€ student | 15€ ticket without extras (support us with the actual price)

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