Slzy Janka Borodáča:: Pop Animal


Slzy Janka Borodáča:: Pop Animal

The theatre group Slzy Janka brings a unique performance exploring the berriers between man and animal.

pop animal

Can any of us perform any act, even the most horrible, if we find ourselves in a dire situation? Do we start to take advantage of our situation if we have the opportunity to do so? Will we become willing and sadistic bullies?

We invite you to the Bratislava premiere of the first production of the theatre group Slzy Janka Borodáča. Pop Animal is a theatrical study of the boundaries between man and animal. Based on the most famous psychological experiment of the 20th century, it explores the situational influence and pressure exerted on humans by authority, power or the system.

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Libretto: Júlia Rázusová a kol.
Dramaturgy: Dáša Čiripová
Directed by Júlia Rázusová
Scene design: Diana Strauszová
Costumes: Lena Luga
Music: Lucia Chut’ková, Stroon, Martin Husovský, Michal Paľko, Martin Rázus Jr.
Martin Husovský
Lighting design: Lukáš Katuščák
Production: Linda Durkáčová
Performers: Karin Adzimová, Tomáš Mischura, Filip Jekkel

The musical concept of the production includes covers of popular songs from
published lists of music used to abuse prisoners at Guantanamo.