Lukáš Bobalík, Maja Hriešik: Timeout Burnout


Lukáš Bobalík, Maja Hriešik: Timeout Burnout

We invite you to an installation, a sports event, and a dance performance depicting Lucian dance on the edge of the ruins of a burnt-out society.


Both a dance solo and a one-man tennis match is a game of endurance. Struggling to find the right rhythm, the dancer plays in all directions, ultimately and most importantly against himself, exploring the limits of his energy, motivation and purpose. Two musicians and a lighting designer accompany him on his inner quest, constantly adapting to his game, supporting, adding, provoking, never stopping, while dance moves mix with forehands and backhands. How much is enough, when the game is over, can there be any balance?


Timeout Burnout, created in the space of premises of former high-school, is a very personal confession of a young artist, a capable and determined Slovak dancer Lukáš Bobalík, broken by the limits of the local working conditions, but also by his own obsession with perfection. In collaboration with dramaturge Maja Hriešik and visual artist Zuzu Hudek, after almost a year of movement research, they co-create a work that is at once an installation, a sporting event and a dance performance depicting human dance on the edge of the ruins of a burnt-out society.

Choreography, Dance: Lukáš Bobalík
Direction and dramaturgy: Maja Hriešik
Set and costume: Zuzu Hudek
Music: Henry Purcell, Franz Schubert, Jakub Mitrík
Peter Mazalán
Guitar: Jakub Mitrík
Light design: Jozef Čabo
Sound/technical support: Lukáš Kubičina
Production: Alexandra Mireková, T-O-K Dance/Personality/Context
Premiere: 23. 06. 2020, Festival Kiosk, Žilina, production by mimoOs


adults: 7€ / students: 5€
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adults: 9€ / students: 7€
After the performance there will be a short discussion with the creators.
Supported from public funds by the Arts Support Fund and the Bratislava City Foundation.
Partners of the project are the Bratislava Self-Governing Region, the Bratislava City Foundation and the Cvernovka Foundation.
Natália Zajačiková